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The 21st century, an extremely dynamic era with rapid development worldwide , is now becoming a century of “aging”. The generation of population aging has addressed an issue that the need of professionals in long-term care can no longer to be ignored. Facing this issue, developed countries has made efforts to cultivate long-term care professionals, and see this as a goal in higher education.

Since the department of Management in CGU been established, it has emphasized the interdisciplinary learning in health and management in order to meet the trend of aging society and the needs of health care. Therefore, the international program of health informatics and management has been established and aims to cultivate "Health Informatics" with both health, information, and management capabilities.

2. Characteristic

(1) The international program of health informatics and management is to "cultivate interdisciplinary elites who has international competitiveness".

(2) Designing interdisciplinary courses: The courses are built around “Health Informatics”, and use at least 20 related academic departments as references to combine the knowledge of health, information, and management, and to design interdisciplinary courses that are in line with world trends and are forward-looking and flexible.

(3) Provide professional and advanced English courses to improve students' language ability to prepare for studying abroad.

(4) Corporate visits, ex-situ teaching, and international study programs. Students will go abroad, and the department will invite experts and scholars from international institutions to attend lectures and academic visits to expand their international horizons and enhance their international competitiveness.

(5) Cultivating core knowledge

     a. Health Management

     b. Information Technology

     c. Management Science

3. Core capabilities

a. Professional health management knowledge with international sights

b. Health data statistical analysis ability

c. Solid ability of computational language

d. The organization and management capabilities for alternative medicine and health industries


Future development

a. Assist international medical institutions and the health industry in decision-making, management and data analysis

b. Become a cross-field statistical analyst/data science expert

c. Organize and manage of the alternative medicine and health industries